Bulldog Tools have been made at the Clarington Forge, located in Wigan, England for over 200 years. Generations of Farmers, Contractors and Professional Landscapers stand testimony to a quality of product upon which their livelihoods depend. The skill and craftsmanship that were the key to the company’s success in years gone by are still maintained. The same forging process is used to this day by British craftsmen. 

The Bulldog Factory has the only full time working forge still making spades and forks within the United Kingdom. We produce over 2000 garden and contractors tools every day.

We currently employ over 60 people, most of whom are multi-skilled. It is quite common for several generations of the same family to have worked for the company. Indeed, the Kelly family can trace their ties back four generations. Last year we presented four long service awards to people that have served 25 years with us and this year will see long service awards going to people that have been us for 40 years.

Posted in About Bulldog By Stuart Elsom On 23rd January 2009

Thanks to Bulldog Tools, our nationwide Daily Mail Gardening Question Times, held from April to September, have great appeal. We display the company’s superbly crafted posters and give away a selection of their excellent tools as prizes. We consider ourselves fortunate to have Bulldog Tools on board.

JOHN NEGUS posted on 6th March 2009

Wigan World
I was interested in the recent post on You Tube showing the guys that work at the factory. Did you know that if you go onto the Wigan World link above that you can see pictures, not only of the Wigan area, but also many different pictures of the staff that have worked at the Bulldog factory over the decades. Well worth a few minutes of browsing…

JAMES posted on 16th February 2009

I found this video on You Tube and thought you may be interested to see it. I knew that Bulldog had a history, but was delighted to find this little piece of family history showing the guys that have worked at the factory in the past few decades.

STUART BORDER posted on 6th February 2009

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