The Bulldog company was founded by William & Henry Parkes in 1780. A nearby road, Henry Parkes street, is named after one of the founders. The Factory has been an important part of Wigan life ever since, providing jobs for many people in the local community.

During the 1960s the factory employed over 300 workers many of whom were housed in company houses close to the factory. The factory had a large catering division, social club and even it’s own Bowling, Cricket and Football teams. Even today, we support the local boys football team by sponsoring their kit, enabling us to put something back into the community.

Several companies have owned Bulldog over the years. In 2004 the company became part of the Rollins Group, a company that can trace it’s own history back some 150 years. The Rollins Group, with it’s solid commitment and substantial investment in the Bulldog brand has improved efficiency and delivery times and is proud to own such a reputable name in the market place.

Posted in About Bulldog By Stuart Elsom On 21st January 2009

I’ve just purchased some Bulldog Tools this week. A new border spade and fork. Shame it snowed, really wanted to get out in the garden :(. I guess i should have bought a snow shovel instead! Fingers crossed for the weekend!! :)

James Fairhurst posted on 6th February 2009

I notice you have a blog category called ‘Ask Winston’. So here’s my question: What’s one of the oddest places a Bulldog tool has been used?

Andrew posted on 5th February 2009

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